Are you at risk from an Insider Threat?

An insider threat is a security risk that manifests from inside your organisation. Your employees, contractors, and third-party suppliers all have the potential to become an insider threat. These people have access to your organisation’s systems network and information. They could maliciously or accidentally release the sensitive information of employees and customers, causing significant damage …

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ID Platform Dashboard showing status of each plan

Resilience Solutions Generated for You

Inverroy offers EEEGR members discounts on ID Resilience Solutions package The energy industry makes a vital contribution to the UK’s economy, so interruptions to supply have huge ramifications for industry, society and our daily way of life. In today’s ever changing threat environment of activism, cyber attacks, pandemics or simply operational systems failures are your …

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Incident Response TableTop Exercise – 27 May

Inverroy are really excited to have partnered with the Scottish Continuity Group to deliver an Incident Response TableTop Exercise planned for 27 May 21. The aim of the exercise is to provide an opportunity to discuss how you and your organisation would respond if you were faced with a major incident at or near one of your premises.