Our Delivery Model

A Structured Approach

Whether your challenge is one for our continuity and crisis management, security risk management or Inverroy Digital consultants, the Inverroy approach is the same. We analyse your vulnerabilities, design a bespoke concept that addresses them, build the solution through training and validate your improved resilience through exercising and assessments. 


To really understand your organisation and the challenges you need to prepare for, our consultancy team sit down with you and the key people in your organisation. 

We conduct an comprehensive analysis, using our subject matter experts and cross industry experience to ask the uncomfortable questions. 

We turn the results of this analysis into an actionable plan – whether that’s building your emergency response app, conducting a Business Impact Analysis across your organisation or delivering a simulated exercise for your strategic, tactical and operational response teams.


Once we’ve proposed our idea and we have your backing, we’ll design it. The output from the analysis step is taken into account at every level of the design phase, with our consultants specialising in creating solutions that work seamlessly with your organisation’s existing capability.

There’s no sense in creating plans you won’t use, or creating something that’s out of place with your company’s policies or ethos. That’s why we work with you to design bespoke solutions that fit within your culture.

Build Capability

Armed with a solution that combines our expertise with your passion and knowledge of your organisation, we build it. How? Every organisation has a different requirement, but here are some examples of how we’ve built a solution in the past.

  • We’ve developed eLearning packages for an international oil & gas company entering hazardous environments.
  • We’ve delivered one to one and team training to multi-national companies operating across several sites, involving on-site individual skill development and interactive team workshops.
  • We’ve developed Emergency Response Rooms across the globe.
People around a table


When you are confident that your responders and organisation are fully prepared for a disruptive event, we’ll rehearse them and test facilities in a safe but realistic environment.

We’ve designed and delivered hundreds of simulated exercises across a variety of industries and at all levels – from the shop floor to the C suite. With your guidance, we create a realistic scenario to validate that your people, your facilities and your plans work when pushed to the limit.

All of our exercises come with a post-exercise report of key observations, recommendations and potential next steps to enhance your resilience further.