What Our Clients Say

The Media Response Training was really objective and inserted in our industry context, allowing us to practice and learn with others. Great work! Thanks!

Henrique Hillal

Operations Coordinator, MODEC

I would simply take this opportunity to express our sincere thanks for last week. Colleagues have personally approached me and expressed their appreciation for the Health & Safety awareness training, both in terms and content and delivery. It exceeded their expectations.

European Regulator

European Regulator

Excellent interactive Command and Control exercise using realistic scenarios and structure to promote open dialogue between participants and get to areas for focus and improvement.

Michael Baxter

Director of Finance & Corporate Services, Scottish Qualifications Authority

Scottish Veterans’ Residences has been supported by Inverroy Crisis Management to develop our Business Continuity response. This included the writing of Crisis Management and Business Continuity Plans, and a providing a series of exercises to refine and rehearse our response to plausible and relevant scenarios. Lacking the internal capacity to dedicate full time resources to develop this vital business function as quickly as we wanted, Inverroy did much of the heavy lifting. They quickly won our confidence with their professional and supportive approach, taking the time to explain concepts and procedures that for many of our staff, were novel, and in which they lacked previous experience. We now have our recovery plans and I’m confident that should we experience a crisis or a disaster, we have the training and resilience to re-establish our operations efficiently and effectively. I wholeheartedly recommend them to charities seeking to develop their own business continuity response.

Martin Nadin

Chief Executive, Scottish Veterans Residences

Great work done by Inverroy, the practicality and friendly approach, knowledge and experience was very well expended, great work.

John Korle-Morgan

HSSE Manager, Modec

Inverroy has supported us in understanding how Emergency Management Set up is key Business in Theory and Practice.

Moustapha Diop


Inverroy embodies the spirit of army values, professional excellence, integrity and commitment. Mathew and the team have supported Genel Energy in enhancing our resilience capability, business continuity plans, emergency/crisis management plans, simulation exercises, care for people through consultancy, training and onsite support. I would like to wish the team even more success and growth in future.

VK Gupta

Head of HSE and Risk Management, Genel Energy

We’ve found the team at Inverroy a joy to work with, very committed to getting to know us and how our organisation works and what it needs. This was critical to building a plan that works for us. It’s been a very positive working relationship and the table-top exercise was an experience that everyone gained huge value from, allowing us to test the plan and gain a better understanding of how we all click together during times of crisis and challenge. We’re looking forward to our continued work together in the future.

Lindsay Fyffe-Jardine

Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home

We engaged with Inverroy to help build internal crisis management capability for our UK operations. As a commercially minded Developer, our organisation would never fit the traditional ‘command and control’ mindset required of some crisis management approaches. Inverroy took great care to fully understand our needs, and then work with the team to build not only systems, but also the confidence, to execute a crisis management plan. Turning theory into useable tools, the Inverroy team have stayed engaged and added value at all levels.

Al Beevers

Health & Safety Director, Argent

Inverroy provided a very professional and well presented TTX that all our staff benefited from. The content and timings were on point and gave enough time to discuss and provide further information at various stages of the exercise. I am very satisfied and impressed by Inverroy and their commitment in providing us the tools and information needed if such an incident did happen.

James McIntosh

Angus Housing Association

Inverroy Digital (ID) has enhanced our abilities to quickly assess, adapt and prepare to meet the changing dynamics of the modern business world in which we exist. ID has allowed us to manage our continuity demands in an efficient and effect way. ID’s flexibility and ease of use has generated commercial benefit and cost savings, whilst making us more self-reliant and agile across out structure. ID’s integration has empowered our staff to take local ownership, and thereby adapt quickly to changes which they face in their area of business. We have seen tangible benefits in the management of our BC needs, from our impact assessment protocols, through data management and storage aligned to our quality management system, into delivery of easy to use templates and plans.

Sara Cheyne

Business Resilience Lead, CNOOC Petroleum Europe Limited

Inverroy Crisis Management's knowledge of how the College worked before they arrived to provide a business continuity exercise for Gonville & Caius College (within the University of Cambridge). Their careful preparation and research gave them a thorough knowledge of how the College worked. This added significant value in designing and exercise that responded well to the client brief. The day itself was extremely useful in highlighting areas for improvement in our resilience. Inverroy interacted very well with Caius staff, creating a positive learning environment. We would strongly recommend the experience to others.

Jennifer Phillips

Operations Director, Gonville & Caius College

Inverroy Crisis Management have worked with Homerton College over the last 6 months, and have saved us hours, if not days of work. Their expertise in managing crises and emergencies, planning and training, their eye for detail and exhaustive research into how the College works means that they have produced robust, simple, workable emergency response procedures, which all College staff have been able to buy in to. Inverroy have taken our emergency response and business continuity problems out of our in-tray, and in solving them, have allowed us to take significant steps forward in our ability to manage incidents and disruptions. I look forward to working with Inverroy again shortly, when the emergency response plan that they have helped us to construct will be workshopped and exercised. If any college experiences a sinking feeling when the words “emergency response, planning, business continuity, crisis response etc” are mentioned, I firmly recommend that they give Inverroy Crisis Management a call – they are the easiest route to solving the problems

Gary Sharp

Assistant Bursar, Homerton College

Inverroy was appointed to provide specialist support services to refresh our Business Continuity Plan. Since implementing the revised continuity plan, Inverroy has also carried out two successful practical simulation exercises to increase team understanding of the processes. This has all been completed within nine months. We could not have done this in such an efficient way without Inverroy.

Lorna Russell

Silver Team Coordinator, AQA

Matthew and his team were instrumental in the evolution of our crisis and emergency response procedures/training packages and were very reactive to a number of requests for deliverables linked to a new country entry process we were undertaking. Overall I cannot recommend Matthew and his team highly enough, they are all engaging, knowledgeable, experienced and personable, not to mention, highly versatile, an essential trait working with the oil and gas sector

Jamie Wallace

Senior HSE & Group Corporate Security Advisor, Capricorn Energy

It was a pleasure having Inverroy here and witnessing true professionals at work. As I mentioned in our debrief, we could not have completed the Business Continuity Plan without your expertise and guidance.

Peter Whittle

Budget and Contracts Compliance Advisor, Taqa Iraq

Matthew and Joe provided an excellent programme of IMT and Oil Spill Response training followed by extremely valuable and informative workshops and TTXs. We particularly appreciated their wealth of experience and the proactive and flexible approach they took. This was especially challenging considering that the training had to be delivered in Ghana with team members calling in remotely from more than four countries and in accordance with everchanging COVID restrictions, including self-isolation on return to the UK. We look forward to working with the Inverroy team again later this year

Susannah Buswell

Group EHS Lead Advisor, Tullow Oil

Thanks for sharing your experience with us. The students were delighted to have you in the classroom and we hope to welcome you again in the near future.

Josephine Adekola

Glasgow Caledonian University

Many thanks to Inverroy Crisis Management for their support in testing our Covid Response plans. The cruise industry was hit hard in the early days of the pandemic and consequently has had to strive harder and more comprehensively than many other industries to regain confidence in their operations. In addition to the various external audits of those systems it was important for us to undertake a table top exercise with an independent team of experienced facilitators to test our response plans. This was a golden opportunity for our teams onshore and onboard to work through those plans, strengthening reassurance and confidence in those systems. Many thanks for putting us through our paces!

Kim Crosbie

Chair, Noble Caledonia

From the first phone call, Inverroy impressed with their approach of working hard to be part of our family approach rather than just an external consultant. At every stage they sought to understand whether a potential solution was the correct fit and whether it added value. The Inverroy team delivered an excellent series of workshops to communicate the plan and ensure buy-in across our business. This approach delivered easy to understand and succinct response and recovery plans that were trainable and have provided the foundations for our ability to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic.

David Hall

Head of Group Operational Services, DC Thomson

Interesting, scary, thought-provoking, challenging, fun, team-building, informative, affirming, interactive, engaging, responsive, thorough, co-creative and excellent!

Darwin College Team

Working with Mark, Kirsty and the team at Inverroy to assess our response to the COVID-19 pandemic as a business continuity incident and the lessons learned from these events has been a really insightful exercise for Zero Waste Scotland. The professional and pragmatic approach to the project worked really well for us and having an independent perspective on how we coped during the unprecedented situation of operating during a global pandemic, the observations and recommendations will help us build and maintain our resilience from a business continuity perspective going forward. Thank you!

Zero Waste Scotland

Inverroy has supported both Genel Energy and TTOPCO since 2015. The work has included Crisis Management planning, training, and exercising within KRI at Field locations, at the Erbil office and at the Sulaymaniyah office and outside of KRI in both Ankara and London. The Inverroy team have always delivered excellent work, on time and within budget, and have built strong relationships with all personnel from the CEO to Drilling Superintendents.

VK Gupta

Head of HSE and Risk Management

The implementation of Inverroy Digital (ID) into our systems was a remarkably easy and smooth process. Inverroy delivered a simple but very effective business continuity platform that allows us to continue to focus on day-to-day operations with the peace of mind we now have a resilience plan of action available in case disruption strikes

Jim Grimmer

Managing Director, P3 Business Care

Inverroy Digital’s ease of use has generated commercial benefit and cost savings, whilst making us more self-reliant and agile across our structure.

Sara Cheyne

Business Resilience Lead, CNOOC Petroleum Europe Limited