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In a world where security threats are on the rise, it’s essential for businesses to be prepared for potential risks and crises. Inverroy’s bespoke security solutions, tailored to your unique needs and requirements, ensure that your people, assets, and operations are protected. Our expert team of Security Risk Management Consultants can help you develop effective security strategies, policies, and procedures, keeping you ahead of potential threats and crises.

Don’t risk the devastating consequences of inadequate security – choose Inverroy to protect your financial bottom line, reputation, and brand.

“Following a dynamically developing travel requirement, within a matter of hours ICM activated their security support plans around an urgent business trip to a medium-risk African county for our senior executive. Within a collapsing time frame, ICM secured and confirmed arrangements, issued briefings and had the required fully monitored package in situation, allowing the trip to proceed safely and unhindered. Thank you for your efforts in ensuring the safety and security of our travellers, we are lucky to have such great support.”

— Executive Leadership Team

From Global Energy Company (asked to stay anonymous)

We Give You Peace Of Mind In An Uncertain World

The consequences of inadequate security can be devastating to your business. Our expert team of Business Security Planning Consultants will help you identify and mitigate security risks both domestically and overseas.

Intelligence and Threat Reporting

Stay informed and secure with Inverroy’s accurate and timely intelligence reports, global security network, and reporting by exception system.

Travel Management Planning

Keep your people safe on business trips with Inverroy’s country-specific risk assessments, environmental awareness training, country briefings, and in-country reporting.

Overseas Security Management

Prepare, prevent, and protect your people with Inverroy’s high-level protection, kidnap and ransom planning, country evacuation planning, casualty management and evacuation, and location awareness system.

Corporate Delivery

Ensure alignment with your corporate strategic direction and UK law with Inverroy’s bespoke security management systems, site audits, cultural awareness training, cyber security training, and leadership training

Business Assurance

Be prepared for any situation with Inverroy’s personal security training, environment awareness training, venue and residential assessment, and risk and threat assessments for VIPs and HNIs within the UK and overseas.

“Overall, I cannot recommend Matthew and his team highly enough, they are all engaging, knowledgeable, experienced and personable, not to mention highly versatile, an essential trait working with the oil and gas sector”

Jamie Wallace

Senior HSE & Group Corporate Security Advisor, Capricorn Energy

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Don't Wait Until It’s Too Late

Our expert Business Security Planning Consultants are ready to provide you with custom-made security solutions that are tailored to the unique requirements of your business. We’ll help you manage your risks and mitigate the potential threats you face. Protect your business, people, assets, and your operations.