“Need taught him wit”

According to the Oxford Dictionary, the proverb “Necessity is the mother of invention” simply means that, “when the need for something becomes imperative, one is forced to find ways of getting or achieving it.” The Latin version, “Mater artium necessitas” meaning “necessity is the mother of invention” was first recorded in 1519 in a book titled “Vulgaria” authored by William Horma. In the same year, in 1519, a similar phrase “Need taught him wit,” appeared in the English language as well.

smart inventions

Electronic signatures can increase the level of efficiency

Whilst not in the same league as inventing fire, bows and arrows, the wheel or vaccinations, there are small opportunities offered by the COVID-19 lockdown.  One example is electronic signatures.  For some businesses, these will become necessary as more people work from home or in isolation, and if approached sensibly they could well make those businesses more efficient in the long-term.

electronic signature

As ever, there is a right way to do electronic signatures;

  • Understand what they are

  • Use them on appropriate documents

  • Get a good provider

  • Use a sensible process

For a full briefing, look at this post on the Inverroy Crisis Management LinkedIn page or click read the full instructions by clicking on the button below.

Business continuity and planning is important so putting a common sense electronic signature system in place now could mean that your business is better off in the long term when we return to some form of normality, so good luck.



Toby Ingram, OBE

Senior Consultant,

Sector Lead: Academia & Heritage

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