The Inverroy team takes time out to reflect.

Remembering our service people this November

Like many others at this time of year, our thoughts are with those who have sacrificed so much to protect others, at home and overseas. On Remembrance Day, we will particularly honour those who have given their lives. We will also pay tribute to those who have made – and continue to make – immense sacrifices to protect and defend freedom and justice around the world.

All service people spend long periods of time away from loved ones. They deal with enormous stresses. They run the daily risk of damage to physical or mental health. With the ongoing situations in Ukraine and the Middle East, many are currently under extreme stress and on the highest levels of alert, ready at any moment to be summoned into active service.

More than half of our people, along with one staff member’s partner, are former military, and one is still in active service. Three members of our team have partners in active service, while another three served in the Police. So, we understand clearly, and with immense gratitude what each and every service member, past and present, gives and has given to our country.

We also want to mark our appreciation for the families and friends who provide the love and support that helps our service people offer their best. Their courage and understanding can’t be overstated, and they deserve our acknowledgement as well.

This Remembrance Day, we invite you to join us for a few moments of silent contemplation of everything the men and women of this country, along with their families, have given and to remember our fallen with honour and respect.

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