Introducing: Noticomm®


Introducing Noticomm; the mass notification suite with a personal touch.  Built by experts in emergency response, security, business continuity and technology, our team have developed a mass notification technology which brings together all of these elements, not only offering truly bespoke capabilities combined with a highly personalised service, but a secure and auditable emergency communication platform.


Having formed strategic partnerships with companies able to deliver to our exceptionally high standards, Noticomm provides adaptive, highly functional solutions should an incident occur. Our platform gives you unrivalled hands-on experience to get exactly what you need, when you need it, ensuring you can protect your business, your people and your reputation should your organisation experience a disruptive event.


The business environment can be a risky one, demanding an ever increasing ability to capitalise on trends, exploit opportunities and get ahead of the curve when it comes to your clients’ needs and wants. Throw into the mix a multitude of external threats and it becomes a minefield, difficult to navigate at the best of times. You want to work with companies that share your ethos for innovation, have the ability to develop innate relationships with you and are agile enough to change and develop solutions to meet your changing needs, shielding your business from the effects of disruption. That company is Inverroy Crisis Management.


We have worked tirelessly to bring the very best technology to the marketplace, conducting exhaustive research and testing with some of the world’s largest companies to ensure that you can have a mass notification suite that fits you perfectly; we deliver your solution, rather than simply selling you ours.

From inception to delivery, we are with you every step of the way, offering unrivalled access to the industry leading developers and project managers whose job it is to exceed your every expectation and ensure your business can get the right people to the right place with the right information.


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