Family Liaison

Compassionate Support in Times of Crisis

All organisations have a Duty of Care to their staff. In the event of a major injury or fatality, most organisations see this Duty of Care extending to the employee’s immediate family. 

The delivery of this support is via a Family Liaison Officer who will be meeting an employee’s Next of Kin at potentially one of the worst moments of their life and is thus an extremely challenging role.

As a good employer, if it is possible to put staff into this family liaison situation, it is incumbent on the company to provide suitable training, guidance and support.


  • Understand the rationale for Family Liaison and the roles and responsibilities of both the Family Liaison Officer and the senior managers who are to provide the backup support.
  • Learn how to meet and work with Next of Kin following a major injury or fatality.
  • Practice the skills in a realistic environment and gain feedback.


Inverroy’s training team include former Police Officers and members of the United Kingdom Armed Forces with many years of experience dealing with families during traumatic times in their lives. Using this experience the course will provide both theory and practice to give attendees the confidence and competence to undertake the role.

During the practice sessions, delegates will work in pairs to undertake a “family visit”. Each pair will undertake one visit and debrief with the instructor before returning to the other delegates to provide feedback on the interaction. This back-brief then provides the starting point for preparing the next pair to conduct the next “family visit”.

The course scenarios are designed specifically for each organisation.


The Family Liaison course is a full-day course designed for between eight to 12 delegates. Attendance is recommended for:

  • Members of Human Resources.
  • Senior Managers.
  • Team members identified as having the emotional intelligence for the potential role.

Given the potential emotional stresses involved in the role, attendees should all be volunteers.

Inverroy will provide supporting course information to all participants upon course completion.

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We’ve found the team at Inverroy a joy to work with, very committed to getting to know us and how our organisation works and what it needs. This was critical to building a plan that works for us. It’s been a very positive working relationship and the table-top exercise was an experience that everyone gained huge value from, allowing us to test the plan and gain a better understanding of how we all click together during times of crisis and challenge. We’re looking forward to our continued work together in the future.

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What Our Clients Say