Travel Risk Management

How Inverroy security risk management helped a global energy company deploy its senior executive team to an African country at short notice.

At a Glance:

  1. Successfully deploying the client and supporting assets at extremely short notice.
  2. All aspects of the pre-deployment administration, deployment and return of the client were delivered to the client’s satisfaction.
  3. Received excellent feedback and stakeholder satisfaction.
  4. Inverroy Security Management continues to deliver effective Travel Risk Management to the client, ensuring its operations’ strategic delivery and its employees’ protection.

“Following a dynamically developing travel requirement, within a matter of hours Inverroy activated their security support plans around an urgent business trip to a medium-risk African county for our senior executive. Within a collapsing time frame Inverroy secured and confirmed arrangements issued briefings and had the required fully monitored package in the situation, allowing the trip to proceed safely and unhindered. Thank you for your efforts in ensuring the safety and security of our travellers, we are lucky to have such great support” (Executive Leadership Team)”

The Client:

A global energy company requested Inverroy’s security management team to facilitate safe travel for its senior executive teams across Africa in 2022 to enable strategic operations with host nation governments. This service utilised information and physical assets within the UK and overseas, providing an effective platform to launch operations supporting the clients’ commitments and requests regardless of the timeframe or destination.

Their Challenge:

The client required a service that provided pragmatic and unrestrictive travel management with a heavy focus on contingency planning due to the nature of travel. The impact of global pandemics, strike action, civil unrest and climate change resulting in an increased frequency of sporadic bad weather resulting in cyclones and their aftermath has provided a major challenge for Inverroy and the client to mitigate against.

Inverroy's Approach:

Inverroy reviewed the current and future destinations of the client which helped assist the Travel Risk Management Planning at every phase and gave the most effective observations and recommendations for the client to be aware of. This planning provided the client with a syllabus of training sessions consisting of environmental awareness and personal security training should it be required. This offered training was enhanced with in country safety briefs, threat risk assessments prior to travel and journey management plans to aid passage through transient locations until in the safe hands of the in-country security team at the final destination and their safe return to the UK.

The Result:

All planned and short-notice travel undertaken has been extremely successful with the prior preparation and planning to deliver both for the client and Inverroy. The regular collaboration with the client has resulted in minimum disruption allowing for travel to occur quickly and unhindered. The disruption that could of halted crucial business has been mitigated against and short timeframes not allowed to undermine or deny the continued business output of the client. In recognition of the services provided by Inverroy the client offered the following message of thanks.

What Our Clients Say

What Our Clients Say