Security Management Plan

How Inverroy Security Risk Management collaborated with an emerging energy company to create a security management plan.

At a Glance:

  1. Understanding the operating context of the company, from the strategic to the operational level.
  2. Collaborate by means of interviews with all primary and secondary stakeholders.
  3. Design simplistic and realistic policies, procedures, and processes that aid Executives, Management, and Staff in their daily business.
  4. Assist in implementing the plan and advise on the emerging security culture.

The Client:

An emerging energy company requested Inverroy Security Management (Inverroy) to create a Security Management Plan (SMP) based on the success of previous physical security work that was undertaken in preparation for COP 26. The development of that plan had to provide a safe and secure working environment for its staff and drive the emerging security culture within the company. A simplistic plan guides the client rather than a lengthy series of unread documents due to their obfuscated nature.

Their Challenge:

Mitigating that obfuscation throws up the challenge that confronts a growing energy company that requires a series of firm foundations that prepare, prevent, and protect it and its employees from harm. The importance of strict HSE adherence is non-negotiable, but applying physical security and nurturing a security culture within a company can be more challenging. The importance of Executive buy-in is all important, and Inverroy had that from the start of the project, but creating an SMP that gels with the employees and is followed by all has a certain change management style in its creation and implementation. An observation is that its people present challenges but it’s also those people that solve them and their approach to that problem and solution is crucial.

Inverroy's Approach:

Inverroy engaged with the energy company utilising our senior consultants both former Police and Military professionals who conducted a series of meetings and documentation reviews that enabled an initial understanding of what was required but also provided a good footing to conduct further discussion on how to create and develop the plan. There is no such thing as an “off the shelf” SMP, each has to be created almost bespoke to the client as all companies have a different style, methodology and approach to what physical security means to them. However, best practices should be observed and implemented to ensure that the company conforms and appreciates that procedures and processes are implemented for a reason. Our approach to this project was made easier with an extremely helpful Head of HSE who championed our cause and ensured success.

The Result:

The project from start to finish lasted two months and provided many observations and recommendations that were instrumental to the success of the plan. The integration of information utilising links from external advisors such as government agencies, departments and Oil and Gas advisors was followed by internally linked documentation which led to a joined up approach by all stakeholders and provided a clear passage of communication from top to bottom and bottom to top. The desired result and affect to save the client time and money. The thanks from the client resulting in future security work and the maintaining of a symbiotic business relationship.

What Our Clients Say

What Our Clients Say