From Cybersecurity to Ebola Outbreaks

How Inverroy Helped Homerton College, The University of Cambridge, Prepare for Any Emergency

At a Glance:

  1. Successfully delivering a one-day workshop that ran three tabletop exercises.
  2. All aspects of the project objectives were delivered to the client’s satisfaction.
  3. Received positive feedback and stakeholder satisfaction.
  4. Long-term relationships were forged, and Inverroy continues to support Homerton College with its resilience planning program.

The Client:

Homerton College, The University of Cambridge, engaged Inverroy Crisis Management to facilitate a refresher training workshop in November 2022 following the College’s Emergency Response and Crisis Management (ERCM) workshop in July 2019. The objectives were to introduce new members of College staff to the Homerton College ERCM plan, refresh longer-serving staff, and deliver a tabletop exercise (TTX) on a specific theme to familiarise delegates with the roles and responsibilities required to conduct College ERCM procedures.

Their Challenge:

Homerton College required a refresher training workshop for their Emergency Response and Crisis Management (ERCM) plan due to recent events such as the Covid-19 pandemic, cyber security threats, and student deaths that had prompted a review of welfare policies. The workshop needed to be designed for both new members and experienced staff.

Inverroy's Approach:

Inverroy Crisis Management reviewed the ERCM plans and assessed the relevance and suitability in light of current threats. Inverroy worked with Homerton College to set the aims and objectives for the three emergency exercises and developed three TTX exercises to help demonstrate capability, communication, and understanding. Inverroy then steered the scenario to enable delegates to talk through their procedures and how they would communicate with each other, stakeholders, media, and relatives.

The Result:

The workshop was highly successful in achieving its objectives, with Inverroy delivering all aspects of the project to Homerton College’s satisfaction. The exercises were well-received by delegates, and feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with all participants reporting a significant improvement in their understanding of emergency response and crisis management procedures.

Furthermore, the workshop resulted in the forging of a long-term relationship between Inverroy and Homerton College, with Inverroy continuing to support the college’s resilience planning program. As a result of the workshop, Homerton College now has a more robust and effective emergency response and crisis management plan that is better able to address the challenges posed by current threats, including the COVID-19 pandemic, cyber security threats, and the welfare of people.

What Our Clients Say

What Our Clients Say