Validating Response Plans

How Inverroy delivered a simulated exercise in West Africa during COVID.

At a Glance:

  1. Developed a credible and realistic scenario. 
  2. Liaison with stakeholders. 
  3. Exercise delivery.

The Client:

An oil and gas company with interests across Africa asked Inverroy Crisis Management to develop and deliver a Crisis Management exercise to validate their emergency response structure during the COVID Pandemic. 

Their Challenge:

The client had well-developed incident management arrangements; however, during the 2020 pandemic, remote working led to a change in how the Incident Management Team and the Crisis Management Team were required to operate. Particular challenges included confidence in mobilising the team, access to key information normally displayed in the Incident Management Room, and coordination of the overall response activity. 

By 2021, it was identified that an exercise was required to validate the new ways of working and provide assurance. 

Inverroy's Approach:

Operating within the limitations of COVID restrictions, Inverroy worked with the client to fully understand their operations and incident management procedures.  In addition, recent Post exercise reports were examined to identify further training and validation recommendations.  

Inverroy liaised closely with subject matter experts to develop a challenging and realistic scenario involving potential environmental harm.  Once the exercise was endorsed by the client, the Exercise Director travelled to the client’s offices in Africa to confirm all the exercise arrangements and deliver the simulated exercise. Due to the restrictions on people gathering together, the exercise was delivered as a hybrid with fewer than normal people in the Incident Management Room to ensure spacing and others joining via MS Teams connections. 

The Result:

By being able to plan and deliver a COVID-safe but challenging exercise, the client was assured that its response capabilities remained effective, and those working in the high-risk locations were reassured that the full range of emergency response support was still available in the agreed timeframes.  

Following the delivery of the 2021 exercise, Inverroy has completed a full update of the Business Continuity Plans and continues to deliver annual simulated exercises, the second of which included a “Phase 2” delivered on the day after the emergency response element to validate the Business Continuity Plan’s ability to achieve effective and efficient “recovery.” 

What Our Clients Say

What Our Clients Say