Using ID for Resilience Planning

How Inverroy using Inverroy Digital Created and Managed Business Continuity Plans for a major international Energy Company.

At a Glance:

  1. Re-engineered previous continuity and resilience plans onto ID.
  2. Created new Business Impact Analysis (BIA).
  3. Delivered training and onboarding sessions.
  4. Successful delivery of an exercise to test the plans created on ID.

The Client:

A global energy company asked Inverroy Crisis Management to deliver departmental Business Impact Analyses and an overall Business Continuity Plan using Inverroy Digital (ID), its cost and time-effective online resilience platform that auto-generates plans through a simple question set. 

Their Challenge:

The client required a platform to access their plans at any time. It had to provide a secure log-in and flexibility to allow team members to make changes immediately to a plan, such as a name change or a switch in job roles. The ability to access plans even during a cyber-attack was a key issue, and the plans needed to be aligned to ISO standards. The company lacked the time and resources to deliver this project themselves but still wanted to embed the BC process in-house.  

Inverroy's Approach:

Inverroy analysed the client’s previous plans to establish a baseline before building the new BIAs and BCP structure. The client requested a bespoke question set.  Inverroy tailored the generic ID set to fit their organisation and industry sector while keeping it aligned with ISO22301 and BCI Good Practice Guidelines.  Inverroy conducted several BIA interviews with the allocated department heads. Working through it with the client allowed the individuals to fully understand the importance of BC within their department and the project’s overall output. Throughout each interview, individuals could access various help documents and guides stored within ID to understand certain terminologies better. A BCP interview was also conducted with the project POC. Once the interviews were complete, Inverroy conducted training sessions for each department head, plus other team members using ID. The training was delivered both online as well as in-person at two office sites in the UK. This allowed the client to experience and use the tool themselves to be fully self-sufficient in the future. The BCP was then tested in an exercise scenario at their head office in Scotland.  

The Result:

There is a detailed BIA for each department within the organisation as well as an overarching BCP. All those within the client organisation with a BC responsibility have access to the platform, giving them the ability to update and make any changes as required without needing external help. To ensure the team continues to maintain their individual department BIAs, ID is set up to send email reminders when to review certain documents.  

What Our Clients Say

What Our Clients Say